Government Government employers frequently have to play by a different set of rules than private sector employers. Few labor and employment firms have the breadth and depth of experience of our attorneys in representing employers in the public sector. 

The reality is that some laws that apply to private employers have no application to public employers.  Conversely, there are many laws that apply only to public sector employers, including civil service laws, Loudermill due process obligations, and an entirely different collective bargaining law than the one that governs most private sector employers.

We have represented virtually every form of local government entity in Ohio, including:

  • Municipalities
  • Townships
  • Villages
  • Counties
  • School Districts
  • Transit Authorities
  • State Universities
  • Joint Fire Districts
  • Public Libraries

From special wage and hour laws, like compensatory time, to dealing with Ohio’s State Employment Relations Board and State Personnel Board of Review, we have extensive experience handling the vast array of public sector labor and employment issues. 

While unions represent an ever-shrinking percentage of the private sector workforce, labor unions are alive and well in the public sector in Ohio.  Public employers have been under tremendous financial pressure in recent years.  We are adept at navigating the negotiation process, including mediation, fact-finding, and conciliation, in order to help public employers achieve cost-effective settlement of their labor agreements.  We are also focused on assuring that public employers retain or recapture the right to effectively manage their workforce, which is especially critical when budgets are tight.