Retail Retail employers typically deal with intense competition and thin profit margins, which places a premium on providing cost-effective, practical labor and employment law advice.  We are well positioned to provide such advice. 

Retail employers have been a target of countless wage and hour claims both by the Department of Labor and through collective actions filed by private attorneys.  In the retail industry, these claims typically involve allegations of failure to pay minimum wage, failure to pay for work performed “off-the-clock,” and improperly classifying workers as exempt and thereby depriving them of overtime compensation.   With our experience in dealing with such claims, we are a valuable resource in helping retail employers avoid such wage and hour issues through adoption of sound policies and practices.  We can also vigorously but efficiently represent retail employers when wage and hour investigations or lawsuits arise.

Retail employers are in particular need of sound and comprehensive human resources policies and procedures to guide management of their diverse, sometimes high-turnover workforces.  We are seldom “reinventing the wheel” when it comes to providing sound employment policies to our clients, so we can assist retail employers in a very cost-effective way. 

Retail employers also seem to have more than their fair share of discrimination and retaliation claims, including claims of unlawful workplace harassment based on sex, race, disability, and the like.  Along with providing HR policies that can minimize risks in this area, we also provide training to supervisors and managers to empower them to effectively manage their workforce and thereby minimize EEO claims and other employment law issues.