Your Workforce. Our Priority. Our Workforce Management practice offers practical and proactive assistance on day-to-day human resources and management issues as well as more strategic matters.

Day-to-day Counseling and Advice

We are here for you… whether you are an HR department of one or you are a senior leader of HR or you are a junior member of a large HR unit with a particular area of expertise. We can help you answer the everyday question (nothing is too simple or basic … we are happy to help whatever your need for advice may be); we can assist you with the more complex matters; and we can provide solutions for everything in between.

Employment Practices Audits

Conducting an employment practices audit of any type can feel and sound like an intimidating proposition. However, KWW works with employers in a non-threatening, non-judgmental manner to develop practical and useful recommendations that can be implemented in a timely manner.
  • General HR
  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Wage Hour
  • Employee Files

Leave Management

Employers face daily challenges in dealing with employee health issues. On the one hand, when an employee has a serious health condition, disability or a work-related injury, an employer must be careful not to infringe on that employee’s rights. On the other hand, an employer has both rights and obligations in dealing with such employee health issues. Successfully dealing with such issues requires a clear understanding of an employer’s rights and obligations under the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, workers’ compensation laws and other state laws regulating employee health issues. We use our in-depth knowledge of these laws to help employers effectively manage these potentially tricky situations.

Policies, Procedures and Handbooks

When it comes to providing our clients with appropriate policies, procedures or employee handbooks, we tailor documents to the employer’s specific needs without “reinventing the wheel.” We draw upon our vast database to efficiently prepare a single policy or entire manual of policies that allows an employer to effectively manage its human resources. We recognize that an employee handbook represents both a prime opportunity to communicate effectively with employees as well as an opportunity to protect an employer from expensive and contentious disputes with employees.

Documents we prepare for employers include:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Supervisory Manuals
  • HR Practices Manuals

Rise & Learn Training

Join our attorneys in small-group interactive workshops specifically designed for HR and legal professionals, management and business owners. Together, participants will tackle hot button and advanced workplace issues and challenges and address practical HR solutions. Sessions are held in our office, typically the second Thursday of each month. Prior registration is required, and seating is limited. View our schedule of upcoming workshops here.

Training and Development

All training programs conducted by KWW professionals are developed in consultation with the employer to ensure that they meet the employer’s particular needs.
  • Types of Training Programs
    • Group
        • In-person
        • Webinars
        • Train the Trainer


    • Individual Coaching and Counseling (Employees and Supervisory/Management/Executive-level Personnel)
    • Executive Coaching and Counseling
  • Needs Assessments
  • Possible Topics for Training Programs
    • Harassment (Sexual and other Unlawful Harassment)
    • Professionalism (including Harassment Prevention and Avoidance)
    • Managing Leaves of Absence under the ADA, FMLA, and Workers’ Compensation
    • Employee Selection (i.e., Considerations and Best Practices in Hiring)
    • Conducting Effective Internal Workplace Investigations
    • Performance Management and the Effective Use of Corrective Action
    • Employment Law for Managers and Supervisors
    • Diversity and Inclusion (including Implicit Bias)
    • Positive Employee Relations (including Union Avoidance)
    • Wage Hour Compliance
    • Effective Documentation
  • Mediation

Workplace Investigations

HR professionals are often faced with allegations of a variety of forms of employee misconduct and behavior. Sometimes, HR professionals must investigate on an internal basis, but have never conducted such an investigation. Other times, circumstances suggest the employer is best served by an outside investigator conducting the investigation. KWW can help you on either front. We have extensive experience in coaching and counseling employers with their internal investigations and also have served as external investigators for public and private employers on many occasions as well.